Jun 12

Why join the Centred Mums Community?

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Are the classes all about pilates exercises?

No! Centred Mums classes are all based around Pilates but although it is Pilates centred, we try to offer a lot more! We try to create a real sense of community, both online and in person for our clients. It is important for mums to have a safe space to educate themselves about their bodies in a holistic way. We try to give them a place where they can get help and advice as well as offload! We also get a lot of feedback that the way that we EXPLAIN the exercises is really valuable to our clients. It is important to encourage a sense of mindfulness in movement rather than just getting people to exercise without thinking. If you don’t understand an exercise you are much less likely to benefit from it. Since moving our classes online we have found that the weekly Zoom talks (about anything from mental health to pelvic floor mechanics) really encourage a sense of community. We like to think of it being about more than “just” Pilates. 

The Atmosphere in Centred Mum Classes 

We ensure that we have a friendly and approachable atmosphere to make sure that everyone feels welcome. It is important to us to strive to make it a non-judgemental group so mums can speak openly about any issues they may be facing, both mentally and physically. We are passionate about equality and welcome everyone into our classes. This feels really important to emphasise at the moment in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests, which we fully support. Pilates can be seen as a “white middle class” activity and we would love to be part of breaking down that barrier. We are currently working towards creating new equality and diversity policies as well as getting new marketing materials that reflect our welcoming messages. 

We love our community

One of the things we often get a lot of positive feedback on is that fact that as a business we try to engage and work alongside other relevant businesses within the local community. We try to signpost people to others who can help our mums with both their physical and mental postnatal recovery. We know what our speciality is and we stick to that and let other people do what they are good at too!  You can find lots of the people we connect with here https://centredmums.com/about-centred-mums/centred-mums-network/

Centred Mums also has  a Facebook Group for ‘Centred Mums Community’ for those who attend our weekly classes which allows them to ask questions and interact with other members 24/7. 

At the moment we are also showing our support to the local community by donating £5 from every Your Core Matters sale to HomeStart in St Albans. Home Start deliver high quality, volunteer led services to support families through challenging times.

Our community membership area

During our Pilates classes we share lots of helpful tips and information that mums may forget (baby brain is real!).  We have a membership area on the website that all regular group class clients can access. This includes heaps of information about pre and postnatal recovery as well as exercise videos. 

What some of our clients have to say!

We have a very loyal following at Centred Mums with Mums still coming to our classes five years on! 

“I highly recommend Grace’s prenatal pilates classes. Her expertise and passion have helped me learn a lot about my body during pregnancy. Grace takes a tailored approach, whether in person or via online classes. Centred Mum’s have been a great support during covid-19 lockdown; swiftly rearranging to online classes, supplying equipment and holding weekly informative talks which keep a great community feeling.” Jo W

“Grace’s classes have been fantastic in helping me recover from my second c-section. I’ve also been experiencing lower-back pain. Grace has really helped me to understand the fundamentals of re-building my core strength properly. It has been at the right pace, all within a really friendly, supportive environment. I didn’t realise how important this kind of rehabilitation is for my body until I started the classes. It really was one of the best decisions I made during my maternity leave!” Jennifer Austin 

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