Strengthen and heal with Pilates

Restore your core and pelvic floor, gain strength and understanding of your body and receive expert advice and support about your wellbeing. Let’s work together to address leaks, reduce prolapse symptoms, close abdominal separation and get rid of back pain.

Stay centred through each stage of motherhood

Centred Mums offer specialist programmes, courses and Pilates classes which support you to strengthen your core and pelvic floor so you can do ALL the things you want to. It won’t take long before you can run, jump and play again without worrying about your pelvic floor!

Whether your baby is 6 weeks or about to turn 16, every mum needs a core rehab programme. If you are leaking when you jump on the trampoline or stopping for a “wild wee” when you go for a run, it’s time to stop accepting this as normal and get your body working properly.  When you start to tune into your body you can make changes that you wouldn’t believe! We will work together to help you to gain strength, release tension, improve pelvic floor function, rid yourself of the aches and pains of motherhood and get your body feeling like YOU again. 
  • Do you want to reconnect to your core and pelvic floor? 
  • Do you want to improve your pelvic floor health and address abdominal separation? 
  • Do you struggle to prioritise yourself since you became a mum? 
  • Have you been putting off sorting out your pelvic floor health?
  • Do you worry about your pelvic floor health but never get around to sorting it out? 

Every muscle and motion in your body is connected. And the way you breathe as you move can make a big difference to how your core functions. Pilates creates lasting results by bringing your breathing, alignment and movement patterns together as one. All my classes and programmes include an element of breath work, both for the core benefits and the impact on your nervous system; leaving you feeling calm and centred.

Pregnancy Pilates Classes | Postnatal Classes | Hertfordshire Pregnancy Pilates Classes | Postnatal Classes | Hertfordshire
Private Classes | Pilates Classes | Hypnobirthing | Postnatal Classes | Hertfordshire Private Classes | Pilates Classes | Hypnobirthing | Postnatal Classes | Hertfordshire

I take a holistic approach to pelvic floor health and encourage you to look at how you can manage all aspects of your lifestyle to feel better in your body. Enjoyable and nutritious food will sustain you through the challenges of motherhood and aid your body’s natural healing process. My programmes include access to practical and tasty nutritional advice, along with ideas for simple, wholesome meals that will help to rebuild your tissues, reduce bloating, and balance your blood sugar to reduce cravings.


Your body needs support to function at an optimum level whilst keeping up with the challenges and demands of motherhood. Our combination of restorative Pilates, deep strengthening, myofascial release techniques, mindfulness and nutritional guidance will help you to connect with your body in a way you never have before. Moving your body more, creating new movement habits and increasing your awareness will have untold benefits for your overall wellbeing.

Pilates Classes | Hertfordshire Pilates Classes | Hertfordshire


Jo M

“You’ve done a brilliant job of providing a holistic and easily accessible care package for new mums. It has transformed how I feel about myself.”


Alex Ball

“Grace has a wealth of postnatal knowledge. She’s very hands-on in her classes – checking posture, correcting technique & making sure everyone is feeling the exercise in the right place!”



“I genuinely believe Grace’s classes kept me fit, healthy and relaxed leading to the best and most natural birth experience I could have ever hoped for, as well as starting life as a mum in a strong position.”


Laura Ellis

“I couldn’t be without Grace’s Pilates now and I’m currently enjoying pregnancy Pilates with her. I know that my postnatal body second time round will recover much quicker this time! Don’t hesitate to join her classes, she’s very talented and most other Pilates teachers won’t compare!”


Clare C

“Grace was incredibly supportive throughout my pre and postnatal period not only through the Pilates but with general well-being as well. I don’t think I would have felt like ‘normal’ me as quickly as I did without her classes.”


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