Align your body & mind with Pilates

Centred Mums supports you during your pregnancy, into the early postnatal period and throughout the years of motherhood that follow.

Stay centred through each stage of motherhood

Centred Mums classes provide specialist Pilates, nutrition  and hypnobirthing advice both online and face to face in St Albans.

We believe it’s crucial that you’re supported in a way that brings your mind and body to a new and positive place at such a pivotal point in your life. We’ll help you build confidence in your new body during your pregnancy, birth experience and beyond, empowering you with the latest exercise advice and research into fascia and wellness.


Pilates creates lasting results by bringing together your mind and body, your enjoyment of movement and a sound anatomical and somatic foundation. We’ll guide you in techniques and help you to make changes that will stay with you through pregnancy and into the rest of your life. Our Centred Mums pregnancy and postnatal programmes are tailored to treat your body gently while maintaining the strength and alignment you need for birth and beyond.


It’s really important that you have practical and tasty nutrition advice to support you and your baby throughout your pregnancy and postnatal period. We focus on nourishing your body and mind with good, nutritious food that will sustain you through the challenges of motherhood. Our online courses include nutrition advice as well as ideas for simple, wholesome meals that will help to rebuild your tissues, reduce bloating, and balance your blood sugar to reduce cravings – all of which impact your healing.


We use a combination of restorative Pilates, myofascial release techniques, mindfulness and nutrition advice to support your body so that it can work at its optimum level despite the challenges and demands of motherhood. We’ll work together to help you connect with your body in a way you may never have managed before.


Jo M

“You’ve done a brilliant job of providing a holistic and easily accessible care package for new mums. It has transformed how I feel about myself.”


Alex Ball

“Grace has a wealth of postnatal knowledge. She’s very hands on in her classes – checking posture, correcting technique & making sure everyone is feeling the exercise in the right place!”



“I genuinely believe Grace’s classes kept me fit, healthy and relaxed leading to the best and most natural birth experience I could have ever hoped for, as well as starting life as a mum in a strong position.”


Laura Ellis

“I couldn’t be without Grace’s Pilates now and I’m currently enjoying pregnancy Pilates with her. I know that my postnatal body second time round will recover much quicker this time! Don’t hesitate to join her classes, she’s very talented and most other Pilates teachers won’t compare!”


Clare C

“Grace was incredibly supportive throughout my pre and postnatal period not only through the Pilates but with general well-being as well. I don’t think I would have felt like ‘normal’ me as quickly as I did without her classes.”