Prepare for a positive pregnancy, birth and postnatal recovery.

Set yourself up for better core function, less pain and a positive experience with these empowering Pregnancy Pilates classes that are SO MUCH MORE than “just” Pilates.


Let’s work together to gain core strength, release tension, stop worrying about pregnancy aches and pains, prepare your body for birth and the postnatal period, improve pelvic floor function, the list goes on!

  • Do you want to improve your pregnancy and birth experience?
  • Do you want a quicker and easier postnatal recovery?
  • Do you want to reduce pelvic floor dysfunction both now and after your birth?
  • Do you want to feel strong and confident in your pregnant body?
  • Do you struggle to remember to do your pelvic floor exercises?
Pregnancy is such a wonderful time. But it can also be a little nerve wracking. Between doctors appointments and the lady in the queue in Tesco, everyone has something to say when you are pregnant and it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming! The Positive Pregnancy programme will help you to feel supported and nurtured within a like minded community of mums-to-be. Using a combination of restorative Pilates and yoga based movement, the weekly pregnancy Pilates classes in St Albans will get your body in the best possible place for pregnancy, birth and beyond with a nourishing programme of strengthening and release work. Imagine feeling like your body was strong and connected throughout your pregnancy. Imagine if you could go into your birth feeling informed, empowered and ready both physically and emotionally for the journey ahead. Wouldn’t it be great to have an experienced and supportive specialist Pilates teacher and doula to teach you all about how to create a sense of balance through your body for a better pregnancy, birth and postnatal recovery?

Feel prepared not only for your birth but for a positive postnatal recovery!

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​​“I couldn’t be without Grace’s Pilates now and I’m currently enjoying pregnancy Pilates with her. I know that my postnatal body second time round will recover much quicker from my planned caesarean! Don’t hesitate to join her classes, she’s very talented and most other Pilates teachers won’t compare!”

Laura E

I have supported hundreds of women through their pregnancies over the last 13 years. I have committed weeks and months of time and energy into extensive training in all things pregnancy and birth to allow you to feel safe and empowered no matter where your pregnancy takes you.

As a specialist Pilates teacher, doula, Biomechanics for Birth coach and hypnobirthing teacher (and mum of 2) I am fully aware of both the joys and the challenges of being pregnant in the modern world and I am here to support you in both your physical and emotional journey into motherhood.

I am OBSESSED with giving you the tools you need to feel confident in your pregnancy, fully prepared for birth and excited for the postnatal period. Knowing you are armed with the knowledge and techniques you need will leave you feeling relaxed, supported and positive about the whole pregnancy experience.

The Positive Pregnancy Programme:

I created the Positive Pregnancy Programme with you in mind. You may be planning a home birth or an abdominal birth, it might be your first baby or your fourth. Whatever your situation I will tailor the classes around what you need.

MOVEMENT MATTERS in pregnancy. Whatever birth you are planning, you will benefit from staying active, tuning in to your body, connecting with your baby and understanding your pelvic floor and core function.

Many women go into pregnancy having never thought about their pelvic floor before and then are told to ‘lift and squeeze’ without really understanding what that means. I will teach you all about your breath and your core function to give you a fail safe way to stay strong and connected.

This information and understanding will benefit you during pregnancy, during birth, during your postnatal period, and for the rest of your life!

“I’ve seen so many Pilates teachers but Grace is the best by far. Both pregnancy and post natal classes (with & without baby) are incredible and she is able to tailor classes really well to your needs. She genuinely cares and is so helpful for general health & wellbeing advice. You won’t regret giving her classes a go!”

Hannah T

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The Positive Pregnancy Programme:

Positive Pregnancy Programme is a 6 week Pilates and wellbeing programme that every mum-to-be needs. The in person sessions will help you to improve your core function and pelvic floor health so you can:

  • Avoid and reduce pregnancy aches and pains for a more enjoyable pregnancy
  • Support your posture during pregnancy and the postnatal period so you feel stronger and ready for the physical challenges of motherhood
  • Prepare your body for all types of birth so you can feel confident and empowered
  • Speed up your postnatal recovery for a more positive fourth trimester

Alongside the weekly classes you also get access to an online element including:

  • A deep dive screening call where we will identify exactly what you need and how we will make your journey a success
  • An online exercise library where I will take you through my FAVOURITE exercises for pregnancy
  • Hypnobirthing tracks and overview
  • Biomechanics for Birth info (this helps you to get your baby in an optimum position for birth and has even been known to turn breech babies and kickstart labour!)
  • A postnatal preparation module including nutrition and lifestyle advice for new mums
  • A bonus module with guest experts including a sleep consultant, women’s health physio, health visitor, antenatal teacher and doula collective

I teach these classes because I believe they can make a huge difference to you pregnancy, your birth and way beyond. If you would like to join me and a lovely community of mums to be for classes throughout your pregnancy, join me for the next course focusing on creating balance throughout your body, arming you with a library of exercises and helping you to feel positive and excited (while also being practical and realistic!) for your birth and the early days of motherhood.

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And if you have questions, nothing is TMI! I have heard it all before so do get in touch if you want to chat about how I might be able to help you get your core functioning better.

£150 for 6 weeks

Positive Pregnancy Programme Upgrade to doula support
  • 6 x group classes jam-packed with the best pregnancy exercises, Biomechanics for Birth, hands on teaching and lots of lovely feedback
  • Online exercise videos
  • Postnatal preparation module
  • Community of brilliant mums
  • Hypnobirthing overview and relaxation tracks to listen to
  • Virtual doula support while you are signed up for the classes
  • Online library of expert talks for birth and postnatal preparation
  • ● 2 x In-person antenatal sessions for you and your birth partner
  • ● Birth support – 24/7 on call period from week 38 of your pregnancy until baby arrives
  • ● 1:1 support throughout and unlimited WhatsApp/email messaging!
  • ● 1 x 2 hour postnatal visit including postnatal recovery massage if desired
  • 6 x group classes jam-packed with the best pregnancy exercises, hands on teaching and lots of lovely feedback
  • Online exercise videos
  • Postnatal preparation module
  • Community of brilliant mums
  • Hypnobirthing overview and relaxation tracks to listen to
  • Online library of expert talks for birth and postnatal preparation


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£2000 FULL PRICE Or pay 4 instalments of £500

Contact me for doula support

“​​I highly recommend Grace’s prenatal pilates classes, her expertise and passion have helped me learn a lot about my body during pregnancy. Grace takes a tailored approach, whether in person or via online classes.”

Jo W

“I have done both pre natal and post natal courses with Grace and credit her expertise with keeping me comfortable and mobile in pregnancy and helping with a faster recovery post baby. I am hypermobile so have had issues with my back and joints for years and so was dreading the impact that pregnancy would have on my body, however with Grace’s help and guidance, I spent most of my pregnancy feeling better than I do usually! I can’t recommend Grace highly enough and would say that her pre and post natal classes are an absolute must!”

Harriet H

Here’s what you’ll learn in our time together.

  • How your posture affects your core function – exercises to keep your posture as balanced as possible through the changes of pregnancy
  • How breathing impacts your core function and exercises to breathe better
  • Exercises to improve core stability and strength to support the postural demands of your pregnancy and prepare your body for life with a baby
  • Safe, functional movement to support your everyday life
  • Relaxation exercises – lower your stress levels, reduce anxiety, improve sleep
  • Low impact exercise to improve energy and endorphin levels as well as improving general circulation, blood flow, drainage, fitness and stamina
  • Movement for birth (if you are planning a vaginal birth)

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“The pregnancy classes were the highlight of my week!”

Clare C

“I couldn’t have got through both my pregnancies without Grace! Her outstanding knowledge and bespoke techniques meant I learnt so much about my pregnant body in a way I could protect myself as I got bigger. She is the most calming and supportive influence and through her classes and hypnobirthing course, it made me enjoy my pregnancies more than I ever thought I could. In summary – all pregnant women NEED to do your classes! ????????”

Fay W-L

“The class really helped me in birth preparation & I was able to use the relaxation techniques & stretches in labour & having done the class since 4 months pregnant it was second nature at a time when you aren’t always thinking clearly!”

Rebecca R

“I genuinely believe Grace’s classes kept me fit, healthy and relaxed leading to the best birth experience I could have ever hoped for, as well as starting life as a mum in a strong position.”

Hannah T

Positive Pregnancy Programme is for you if…

  • You are looking to move your body in pregnancy
  • You want to reduce pain throughout your pregnancy and beyond
  • You’re looking for more confidence in your pregnant body and a supportive environment to get you to where you want to be
  • You want to strengthen your core and understand your body better
  • You want to meet other like-minded new mums

Positive Pregnancy Programme isn’t for you if you…

  • Aren’t pregnant!
  • Have been told that exercise isn’t safe by your doctor or midwife
  • Aren’t interested in learning more about your pregnant body and just want to ‘feel the burn’.

What happens when you sign up?

  1. You receive a confirmation email with a link to your registration form where we will dive deep into your health history and understand what you are looking to gain from the course.
  2. We will make an appointment for your 121 screening call where we will discuss your priorities, your concerns and your health background so I really understand your body
  3. Put the class dates in your diary 🙂
  4. When the classes start you will gain access to the online portal where the Positive Pregnancy Programme is stored to give you the opportunity to dive deeper into your pregnancy and birth preparation and prepare for the postnatal period


If you are pregnant, this class is for you!

As long as you are comfortable and can move easily, it doesn’t matter what you are wearing. You may warm up through the class, so it is worth considering layers that you can remove easily.

I book a maximum of ten mums onto pregnancy classes to make sure you get plenty of individual tuition.

I believe block bookings are the best way to ensure you really see the benefit of the sessions, so I only book this way. I don’t take drop-ins because I want to screen you fully before you start, so I can get to know your body and make sure that you get the most out of the classes.

You’ll need an exercise mat and some water along with several pieces of equipment – a spiky massage ball, a TheraBand, an over ball and a ‘magic’ fascial release ball. If you don’t already own these items, you’ll have the option of adding our £38 Equipment Bundle to your order when you book or you can buy them here.

St Paul’s Church has a small car park that is hit and miss in terms of availability! But there is plenty of parking on the surrounding roads.

I’ll screen you fully before you come along to the sessions. In the case of some medical conditions we may need consent from your doctor or midwife to ensure the safety of you and your baby. In very rare circumstances, your doctor may advise you not to exercise during your pregnancy. Unfortunately, in these cases, the classes won’t be suitable for you.

If you feel you need a different package to what I have offered here just get in touch. I am happy to tailor the course as much as possible to ensure everyone gets what they want from the programme. I also offer a bespoke 1:1 service. Find out more here.

You join me for 6 weeks of live classes (which will run as a hybrid in person and online). Alongside that you will work through video content to support the classes and really help you understand the exercises. By the end you will have a better understanding of your body, will have gained strength and flexibility and will be feeling better in your body as a whole.

Just contact me if you would like to split the payments and we can arrange this for you.

Imagine this:

Getting to the end of your pregnancy feeling you have nourished and nurtured your body, feeling confident you are ready to make the best possible birth choices for you and your baby. Your body is feeling strong and you are ready to face motherhood feeling armed with everything you need. It’s possible!

Join today to transform your pregnancy, your birth and your postnatal period.

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