Dec 13

5 Christmas Gifts To Help Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

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If you’ve been struggling with your pelvic floor this year, it’s time to get it sorted! And what better gift could you ask for for Christmas than leak-free dancing round the tree, cooking on your feet all day with confidence or jumping with actual joy with the kids at the panto?

While you could treat yourself, there’s zero shame in asking for presents that you truly want and need, so why not send this list to your chief gift giver (or print out and post to Santa!)?

Here’s my Christmas gift guide to help you build pelvic floor strength ready for a much more enjoyable 2023!


The gift of pelvic alignment


It might sound strange to start with feet when Centred Mums is all about pilates for pelvic floor, but everything in our bodies is connected!

You’ve got 26 bones, 33 joints, over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments in your feet and the way you walk and move using them has an impact on your other joints, but yes, I’m interested in your pelvis!

Barefoot shoes are designed to make your movement more natural and they will help improve the alignment of your pelvis over your ankles.



And over the last few years, Vivo Barefoot have broadened their range of footwear so you don’t always have to look like you’re heading out to a training session. They’ve got all the sporty ones but also everything from riding boots to a classic Chelsea!

End 2022 with comfortable feet and feeling more aligned!


Connect with your pelvic floor


As a women’s health professional (WHP) one of the first things I want my pelvic floor clients to learn is connecting with their pelvic floor.

Using a lightweight, soft ball like the Gymnic Soft Over Ball you can squeeze your ankles or your inner thighs together and connect with your pelvic floor. It’s designed to enhance your Pilates workouts by developing strength and endurance but is low impact.

I like this ball because it’s got a dimpled texture that makes it easier to grip than some other ones, so no slipping. Its soft squishiness gently challenges your body to work on stability, and balance. The perfect gift!


Get support with a specialist


If you’ve been putting off getting help with your pelvic floor, maybe it’s time to get a check with specialist physiotherapist? They specialise in helping you regain confidence in your pelvic floor – and they are able to help treat your unique situation. You can search a directory of pelvic health physios here.



The Squeezy app is a brilliant app for support where you set your reminders so you can *actually remember* to do your exercises throughout the day. It comes pre-set with an exercise plan recommended by a pelvic health physiotherapist (following NICE guidelines), or if you’re working with a physio 1:1 then you could input their personalised plan.

Squeezy has really helped some of my pelvic floor community build strengthening their pelvic floor into their daily routines.


Little Christmas miracle (balls)


These awesome release balls are for you to sit on and use to create better pelvic floor function.

Gift yourself a way of relieving pelvic pain, reducing tension that might be impacting your pelvic health, and finally aligning your body. You can create a mind-body connection through purposeful breathing and using the miracle balls in strategic positions on or under your body.

It all works with the balls providing a resting and feeling “spot” for your body, alongside your breathwork and gravity, building a neurological communication with your brain, you start to feel your tight muscles loosen.

The balls come with a book explaining the method and how to use them, plus there’s classes to buy on the Miracle Ball Method website if you want to dive in deeper.

The key to these Miracle Balls is that you will start to hear and actively listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Which is a Christmas gift we all deserve, right?! 


The gift of pelvic floor confidence


And of course I’ve got the best gift of them all for you, the one that will support you to build and strengthen your pelvic floor – my Pelvic Floor Confidence Programme. Let’s build your understanding of your core function and develop strength in your body to allow you to address those pesky leaks, improve prolapse symptoms, close abdominal separation and prevent back pain.



Over our 4 months together we’ll improve your pelvic floor function by both releasing and strengthening to address the symptoms you’re facing. By using a holistic approach – including Pilates, breathwork, posture…  – to build strength through your entire body so you’ll see amazing unexpected results, but particularly a stronger and more functional pelvic floor.

It’s time to stop worrying about leaking and start enjoying your life again! Give yourself the best Christmas present ever: Pelvic Floor Confidence!

It is possible for you to have confidence in your pelvic floor again, and the gems in this Christmas gift guide will help you on that journey!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a confident New Year!

Grace – Founder, Centred Mums

Sep 21

Client Story: Maria

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Maria used the Pelvic Floor Confidence programme – a 4 month intensive of pelvic floor Pilates – to address the pelvic health issues she was facing.

Name:  Maria


Concern: Bladder urgency and did not trust ability to use the bathroom when convenient if out and about.


Success: Able to fit the programme around day-to-day life which has increased confidence when going out.



Before working with Grace…


I’ve known for the longest time that my pelvic floor was weak and that I needed some support. I had previously done some work on my pelvic floor but, honestly, progress had levelled off and I really wasn’t where I wanted to be.

I knew that ignoring the situation wouldn’t help and my pelvic floor problems wouldn’t go away or get better on their own, but I was concerned whether this programme would genuinely help or be much of the same content I had seen before.


 Maria’s Key Points


  • I love the way this program was able to fit around my daily activities, especially since I struggle find large blocks of time to devote to exercise.
  • The weekly schedules, goal setting and reminder emails were beneficial in making the content digestible and allowing me to work at my own pace. The regular coaching calls made the whole programme feel more personal.
  • The benefits from this program are wider than just pelvic floor problems – I am a lot stronger in my bum and legs, my posture is better, I am more flexible, and my breathing is more balanced (still working on that one, though!). It is a whole-body approach. Doing exercises little and often, working them into my routine, has added up to huge changes.
  • Grace has a huge knowledge and experience. You can absolutely trust her to understand your body and give you the best exercises to help overcome your individual problems.
  • The sooner you sign up and commit to working on the problem, the sooner you will see the benefits. Not all Pilates classes are necessarily appropriate for treating pelvic floor issues – I can confidently say Grace’s are. Just sign up. Do the exercises. You won’t regret it.


Would you recommend me and my services? If so, why and to whom?


I would recommend you to any woman of whatever age. Honestly, Grace is the best kept secret in St Albans! You don’t have to be a new mum to benefit from the program!


If you could suggest one thing for anyone interested in this programme, what would it be?


For anyone who hasn’t worked with Grace before or is new to Pilates, I would highly recommend a one. to one session with her to give yourself the confidence that the exercises are appropriate and that you are doing them correctly.



Aug 3

Exciting News for New Mamas!

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Postnatal belly binders originating from Malaysia are now available in a modern, super easy and comfortable version for the UK market, meaning you don’t have to wait forever for a costly delivery from the US.


Why are these binders so special?

They are recommended by the founder of The Gentle Birth Project and a real expert in the field of postpartum health – Carolyne Anthony.

This modern version of the traditional Malaysian Binder is designed to help the new mother recover after the birth,  both vaginal and C-section,  and to support the abdomen during the recovery period.

The velcro straps make it convenient to wear and provide a firm support without compression from the ribcage to below the hips. Each binder is made from 100% cotton and is suitable to wear all day long.


Why should you wear a belly binder?

  • Support your belly, waist and hips
  • Brings comfort after c- section by tightening the layers of fascia and tissues that have been cut through
  • It provides stability to core muscles weakened during pregnancy (especially helpful if you have and abdominal separation, also called Diastasis Recti)
  • Helps you get back to your daily activities more quickly! There is research-based evidence that women who wore abdominal support in the postpartum period reported decreased level of pain and were able to get out of bed quicker and walk more comfortably
  • Eliminates or minimises back pain by bringing core muscles together and providing stability and support
  • Encourages better posture, which is especially important during breastfeeding


When should you start wearing it?

The belly binder based on Malaysian tradition should be wore from day 2-44 days post-delivery.  Most the current medical professionals allow you to wear it the next day following the vaginal delivery and  c–section delivery, however fresh air is desired for faster wound healing; the intervals in between should be allowed for at least few hours. This is why the breathable material of the binders is very important!

Most importantly the postpartum body of every woman needs to be given as much rest as possible and the binder is there to provide you support and alignment to your body.


WHY DOES THIS BINDER STAND OUT (as reported by mamas)?

It is made out of 100% cotton so its fully breathable and feels a lot nicer to the skin/ scar especially in the summer months.

The length is perfect to coax everything back towards the midline. It wraps around the SI joints /pubic symphysis in addition to the torso.

Very easy to use and allows the flexibility while breastfeeding a baby. Most importantly the firmness and hold of the binder is just right, as most binders tend to be too tight for the torso.

Your dedicated postnatal massage therapist Kamila Kolesnik who runs her Mama Bloom Studio in Hemel Hempstead  can help you with releasing the diaphragm and softening the area below sternum. The traditional womb support massage is conducted by using the herbal warm compress.

These amazing belly binders are available to purchase at:

For further information and instructions call 07753262819