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Client Story: Maria

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Maria used the Pelvic Floor Confidence programme – a 4 month intensive of pelvic floor Pilates – to address the pelvic health issues she was facing.

Name:  Maria


Concern: Bladder urgency and did not trust ability to use the bathroom when convenient if out and about.


Success: Able to fit the programme around day-to-day life which has increased confidence when going out.



Before working with Grace…


I’ve known for the longest time that my pelvic floor was weak and that I needed some support. I had previously done some work on my pelvic floor but, honestly, progress had levelled off and I really wasn’t where I wanted to be.

I knew that ignoring the situation wouldn’t help and my pelvic floor problems wouldn’t go away or get better on their own, but I was concerned whether this programme would genuinely help or be much of the same content I had seen before.


 Maria’s Key Points


  • I love the way this program was able to fit around my daily activities, especially since I struggle find large blocks of time to devote to exercise.
  • The weekly schedules, goal setting and reminder emails were beneficial in making the content digestible and allowing me to work at my own pace. The regular coaching calls made the whole programme feel more personal.
  • The benefits from this program are wider than just pelvic floor problems – I am a lot stronger in my bum and legs, my posture is better, I am more flexible, and my breathing is more balanced (still working on that one, though!). It is a whole-body approach. Doing exercises little and often, working them into my routine, has added up to huge changes.
  • Grace has a huge knowledge and experience. You can absolutely trust her to understand your body and give you the best exercises to help overcome your individual problems.
  • The sooner you sign up and commit to working on the problem, the sooner you will see the benefits. Not all Pilates classes are necessarily appropriate for treating pelvic floor issues – I can confidently say Grace’s are. Just sign up. Do the exercises. You won’t regret it.


Would you recommend me and my services? If so, why and to whom?


I would recommend you to any woman of whatever age. Honestly, Grace is the best kept secret in St Albans! You don’t have to be a new mum to benefit from the program!


If you could suggest one thing for anyone interested in this programme, what would it be?


For anyone who hasn’t worked with Grace before or is new to Pilates, I would highly recommend a one. to one session with her to give yourself the confidence that the exercises are appropriate and that you are doing them correctly.



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