Aug 3

Exciting News for New Mamas!

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Postnatal belly binders originating from Malaysia are now available in a modern, super easy and comfortable version for the UK market, meaning you don’t have to wait forever for a costly delivery from the US.


Why are these binders so special?

They are recommended by the founder of The Gentle Birth Project and a real expert in the field of postpartum health – Carolyne Anthony.

This modern version of the traditional Malaysian Binder is designed to help the new mother recover after the birth,  both vaginal and C-section,  and to support the abdomen during the recovery period.

The velcro straps make it convenient to wear and provide a firm support without compression from the ribcage to below the hips. Each binder is made from 100% cotton and is suitable to wear all day long.


Why should you wear a belly binder?

  • Support your belly, waist and hips
  • Brings comfort after c- section by tightening the layers of fascia and tissues that have been cut through
  • It provides stability to core muscles weakened during pregnancy (especially helpful if you have and abdominal separation, also called Diastasis Recti)
  • Helps you get back to your daily activities more quickly! There is research-based evidence that women who wore abdominal support in the postpartum period reported decreased level of pain and were able to get out of bed quicker and walk more comfortably
  • Eliminates or minimises back pain by bringing core muscles together and providing stability and support
  • Encourages better posture, which is especially important during breastfeeding


When should you start wearing it?

The belly binder based on Malaysian tradition should be wore from day 2-44 days post-delivery.  Most the current medical professionals allow you to wear it the next day following the vaginal delivery and  c–section delivery, however fresh air is desired for faster wound healing; the intervals in between should be allowed for at least few hours. This is why the breathable material of the binders is very important!

Most importantly the postpartum body of every woman needs to be given as much rest as possible and the binder is there to provide you support and alignment to your body.


WHY DOES THIS BINDER STAND OUT (as reported by mamas)?

It is made out of 100% cotton so its fully breathable and feels a lot nicer to the skin/ scar especially in the summer months.

The length is perfect to coax everything back towards the midline. It wraps around the SI joints /pubic symphysis in addition to the torso.

Very easy to use and allows the flexibility while breastfeeding a baby. Most importantly the firmness and hold of the binder is just right, as most binders tend to be too tight for the torso.

Your dedicated postnatal massage therapist Kamila Kolesnik who runs her Mama Bloom Studio in Hemel Hempstead  can help you with releasing the diaphragm and softening the area below sternum. The traditional womb support massage is conducted by using the herbal warm compress.

These amazing belly binders are available to purchase at:

For further information and instructions call 07753262819

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