Jun 15

Centred Sundays

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We came up with Centred Sundays because we think that it is SO important for Mums to take a break from their busy lives. We ALL need to relax more, especially after the craziness of the last few months.

From the first day I met Clare from Creative Yoga Nidra https://www.instagram.com/creativeyoganidra/, I have wanted to work with her. She just exudes calm and relaxation and a certain amount of hippiness without being “hippy”. I love her! During lockdown I have been doing her online yoga nidra sessions and they are amaaaaaazing! I often fall asleep but when I don’t I end the session feeling calm and revitalised. You are going to LOVE IT!!

So now there’s Centred Sundays

Release and unwind in this deeply relaxing workshop.

We combine Pilates, breath work and Yoga Nidra for the ultimate mindbody wind down.

As the craziest of all school years draws to an end, we want to encourage you to take some time for YOU. Let the rest of the world disappear as you bring yourself into your body. Find the time to RELAX among the madness!

  • We will cover Pilates release work including stretching, fascial release and breathing exercises
  • Deep relaxation in a Yoga Nidra session with Clare
  • Information about the benefit of creating time to relax in your life (and we all know we need more of it right?!)
  • You can do it all from the comfort of your home (so you can get straight into bed afterwards or even during!)
  • On Sunday 10th January 2021 from 8pm for 90 minutes



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