Jun 23

Time for yourself when you have none!

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You Time

It is so important to relax and have a bit of “you” time as a mum. This doesn’t mean going to the supermarket alone (although since  COVID-19 sometimes a trip to Aldi has felt like a spa break to me!). It is so important to create time in your day (or even just your week) to do something that you enjoy and that allows you to relax.

For most mums relaxation is the last thing on their minds. It can be a good idea to schedule in this time for yourself in the same way you would a work meeting.


Did you know that taking a few minutes  out of your day to relax can help you to:
– Lower your heart rate
– Slow your breathing down
– Reduce stress hormones including insulin and cortisol
– Reduce muscle tension
– Aid your digestive function
– Increase blood flow to major muscles

…. And many more benefits besides.

Taking a bit of “you” time can help you to clear your head and allow you to feel more in control and relaxed. We all need to let go of our “to do” list sometimes. It can also help you feel more confident and ready to take on your next task.


How to take time for yourself when there is no time!

  • Switch off your phone for an hour a day or give yourself ‘opening hours’ for your phone – don’t check it before 9am and switch it off by 9pm every night. You’ll be surprised at the positive impact taking a break from the digital world can have.
  • Have a bath – even if it’s just 10 minutes, the act of running a bath and filling it with salts can feel really therapeutic
  • Be more mindful – there are a thousand ways to do this. One helpful tip that  doesn’t take up time you don’t have is to eat mindfully. When you are eating try to notice the smell, taste and texture of your food. We all eat every day but how often do you actually take the time to slow down enough to notice what you are eating?
  • Spend time outdoors. Can you take a work call while walking through your local park rather than sitting at your desk?

There are lots of ways you can incorporate some relaxation time into your day. It’s worth remembering everyone is different – what works for your friend may not be what works for you – so you get to pick!

I’m reading “Thrive” by Ariana Huffington (https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/) at the moment and highly recommend it if you want to…well…thrive!! It’s full of great tips and interesting observations about how to look after yourself and prioritise what you need.

You might like to schedule in one of our classes or workshops like Centred Sundays as part of renewing your effort to look after yourself 🙂 https://centredmums.com/introducing-centred-sundays-from-july/


Image by Ava Sol from UnSplash

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