Pilates and Wellbeing

Every mum wants a positive pregnancy, birth experience and postnatal recovery period. We are passionate about giving you the support you need to make this happen. With us by your side, you can confidently prepare, for the physical changes and mental challenges of birth and beyond.

Pilates for Pregnancy

Restorative Pilates and yoga-based movement to prepare your body and mind for your birth experience and beyond. Currently only available online.

Pilates for New Mums

Restorative Pilates  and fascial release to assist with your postnatal recovery and gently build strength. Currently only available online.

Postnatal Plus Pilates

Restorative Pilates to build and maintain strength for your motherhood journey. Suitable for mums of all ages. Currently only available online.

Private Classes

Personalised Pilates classes to suit your individual needs. Includes access to our online members area. Currently only available online.




“I genuinely believe Grace’s classes kept me fit, healthy and relaxed leading to the best and most natural birth experience I could have ever hoped for, as well as starting life as a mum in a strong position.”


Laura Ellis

“I couldn’t be without Grace’s Pilates now and I’m currently enjoying pregnancy Pilates with her. I know that my postnatal body second time round will recover much quicker this time! Don’t hesitate to join her classes, she’s very talented and most other Pilates teachers won’t compare!”


Clare C

“The pregnancy classes were the highlight of my week!”


Rebecca R

“The class really helped me in birth preparation & I was able to use the relaxation techniques & stretches in labour & having done the class since 4 months pregnant it was second nature at a time when you aren’t always thinking clearly!”


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