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Centred Mums offer specialist programmes, courses and Pilates classes which support you to strengthen your core and pelvic floor so you can do ALL the things you want to. It won’t take long before you can run, jump and play again without worrying about your pelvic floor!

Restore your core and pelvic floor, gain strength and understanding of your body and receive expert advice and support about your wellbeing.

Let’s work together to address leaks, reduce prolapse symptoms, close abdominal separation and get rid of back pain.

Jen A

“Grace’s classes have been fantastic in helping me recover from my second c-section and lower-back pain I’ve been experiencing. Grace has really helped me to understand the fundamentals of re-building my core strength properly and at the right pace, all within a really friendly, supportive environment. I didn’t realise how important this kind of rehabilitation is for my body until I started the classes and it really was one of the best decisions I made during my maternity leave!”

Zoe C

“Grace is a brilliant teacher – patient, intuitive and supportive. She really knows her stuff and is obviously passionate about a holistic and highly personalised approach. It was the perfect re-entry into exercise after having children and I only wish I’d started with her earlier. Her classes cater to all abilities and are an oasis of calm in an often chaotic week. I also think the transition to online classes has been really smooth. I don’t know how she manages to give her class attendees so much individual attention through those small Zoom screens but she does!”

“After two months doing the right work the changes you can’t see are drastic – closing tummy gap, reduced prolapse symptoms, less hip and back pain and improved toilet habits”


“Day to day I now no longer feel my prolapse symptoms. Where previously standing for a few hours at an event would leave me in severe discomfort, I now only get a very minor bulge after hours of standing or walking. My gap closed by 1cm within the first month.”


Let’s get you ahead of the game!

Prenatal Classes

New mum?

Postnatal healing starts here…

Postnatal Classes


Time to put you first!

Pelvic Floor Confidence

Stay Centred through each stage of motherhood

Whether your baby is 6 weeks or about to turn 16, every mum needs a core rehab programme. If you are leaking when you jump on the trampoline or stopping for a “wild wee” when you go for a run, it’s time to stop accepting this as normal and get your body working properly.

When you start to tune into your body you can make changes that you wouldn’t believe! We will work together to help you to gain strength, release tension, improve pelvic floor function, rid yourself of the aches and pains of motherhood and get your body feeling like YOU again.

  • Do you want to reconnect to your core and pelvic floor?
  • Do you want to improve your pelvic floor health and address abdominal separation?
  • Do you struggle to prioritise yourself since you became a mum?
  • Have you been putting off sorting out your pelvic floor health?
  • Do you worry about your pelvic floor health but never get around to sorting it out?

Centred Mums will support you to get your body where you want to be – whether that is returning to running, chasing your toddler or simply living free from pain.

Pelvic floor health and core function is a vital part of your overall health but issues such as leaking, heaviness and discomfort are often accepted as part and parcel of motherhood. It doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you are pregnant, postnatal, with toddlers or have teenagers, you need to address your pelvic floor health and core function.

You are not alone if you feel your core has never got back to where it was before you had children. A 2002 study found that 32% of women in the UK had symptoms of urinary incontinence in the previous 30 days* and unfortunately not much has changed since then. Even for those who don’t have children, stress incontinence is common in athletes – occurring in as much as 80% of female athletes who don’t have children! (Almousa et al 2015).

You are also not alone if you have been wondering if you should do something about your core but haven’t got around to sorting it out. In 2004 an American survey reported that women wait 6.5 years after beginning to experience bladder control problems before seeing a healthcare professional.**

And annoyingly these issues don’t usually just fade away on their own. As we age and our hormones change, many women who didn’t experience problems postnatally start to have pelvic floor issues. 50% of women over 50 who had a vaginal delivery have a prolapse BUT only 15% are symptomatic so it’s important to get ahead of the game and get your pelvic floor functioning well ASAP!

Don’t freak out here. There is so much you can do to support yourself and simply by accessing this information you are giving yourself a head start.

*Hunskaar, S., Lose, et al. (2003) Prevalence of Stress Urinary Incontinence in Women in Four European Countries, 2002. ICS: UK)
** From: https://www.allaboutincontinence.co.uk/incontinence-statistics


Hi I’m Grace, Founder of Centred Mums. I’ve spent 12 years helping women with their pelvic health and I love my work! After suffering from a prolapse, I’ve used the skills I’ve spent years honing to heal myself to a point of strength where I’m now marathon training.

As a busy mum of two I know how hard it is to create time for yourself but I have also seen the benefit to both me and my children since I have stopped putting myself at the bottom of the pile.

Centred Mums was created because I want to teach as many women as possible how to look after their bodies, and how to connect to themselves so they can exercise safely, effectively and in a way that is sustainable. It’s not a quick fix, it’s about creating the awareness and knowledge that leads to lasting change. I want to empower you to feel confident in your body again, to stop you worrying about whether your pelvic floor is going to do it’s job properly and to be able to live your life the way you want to.


Every muscle and motion in your body is connected. And the way you breathe as you move can make a big difference to how your core functions. Pilates creates lasting results by bringing your breathing, alignment and movement patterns together as one. All my classes and programmes include an element of breath work, both for the core benefits and the impact on your nervous system; leaving you feeling calm and centred.

Pregnancy Pilates Classes | Postnatal Classes | Hertfordshire Pregnancy Pilates Classes | Postnatal Classes | Hertfordshire
Private Classes | Pilates Classes | Hypnobirthing | Postnatal Classes | Hertfordshire Private Classes | Pilates Classes | Hypnobirthing | Postnatal Classes | Hertfordshire

I take a holistic approach to pelvic floor health and encourage you to look at how you can manage all aspects of your lifestyle to feel better in your body. Enjoyable and nutritious food will sustain you through the challenges of motherhood and aid your body’s natural healing process. My programmes include access to practical and tasty nutritional advice, along with ideas for simple, wholesome meals that will help to rebuild your tissues, reduce bloating, and balance your blood sugar to reduce cravings.


Your body needs support to function at an optimum level whilst keeping up with the challenges and demands of motherhood. Our combination of restorative Pilates, deep strengthening, myofascial release techniques, mindfulness and nutritional guidance will help you to connect with your body in a way you never have before. Moving your body more, creating new movement habits and increasing your awareness will have untold benefits for your overall wellbeing.

Pilates Classes | Hertfordshire Pilates Classes | Hertfordshire


Every month I have a limited number of 121 spaces available – get in touch here to find out my availability.



“I feel more confident in being out and about and ignoring my bladder. But the benefits from the program are wider than just pelvic floor problems – I am a lot stronger in my bum and legs, my posture is better, I am more flexible and my breathing is more balanced (still working on that one, though!). It is a whole body approach. Doing exercises little and often, working them into my routine, has added up to huge changes.

Grace has a huge knowledge and experience. You can absolutely trust her to understand your problems and give you the best exercises to help you.

Pelvic floor problems will not go away or get better on their own. The sooner you sign up and commit to working on the problem, the sooner you will see the benefits. Not all pilates classes are necessarily appropriate for treating pelvic floor issues – Grace’s are.Just sign up. Do the exercises. You won’t regret it.”


Jo M

“I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done to help me feel connected to myself again. This is the happiest post-pregnancy start I have ever had and that’s saying something after having the Twins!

You’ve done a brilliant job of providing a holistic and easily accessible care package for new mums. It has transformed how I feel about myself and the way you have put it together works really well for me because I can actually find the time to do some of it during the week after our class together.

The online videos of short key Pilates exercises has been great in giving me a way of regular practice. The other health professionals advice interview have been key in my recovery and seeking help – prior to knowing you I didn’t know where to start in seeking help or really have a ‘normal’ expectation of my emotional and physical recovery. ”



“Your classes and additional sessions in lock down have been so supportive and really helped me through a difficult time. Your desire to help other women is clear and shows through your work. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done – I know it can’t have been easy adapting your business, but I am hugely grateful!”


Sally S

“I highly recommend Grace as an expert Pilates teacher. I have been fortunate enough to attend her postnatal (mum and baby) classes, which have been incredibly helpful to restore the postnatal body. Her classes are well-structured, using a range of small equipment whilst working on the mat. Her expertise, care and precision to improve your technique and form makes the classes really effective and enjoyable. Grace’s instructions are really clear, and she is quick to provide helpful corrections, as well as giving modifications. ”



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