Aug 5

Why do Postnatal Pilates online?

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Having a baby changes women’s bodies dramatically. This doesn’t mean they are weakened or damaged.  It just means that through pregnancy and childbirth your body has accommodated these processes. The incredible journey you have been on needs to be considered and respected for the rest of your life.  Rather than viewing this change as a negative, embrace this new empowered body and wonder at all it has achieved.

Pilates is a great exercise to get into after having a baby as it can change the way you stand, walk and feel. It also really helps with posture, energy and strength. I had always taught in person until lockdown but now I see how beneficial the online classes are for new mums as they don’t need to leave the house and have all the drama that goes with it, they can still make wonderful connections both with the teacher and other mums and if their baby cries so they miss some of the class they can still access content afterwards. It really works! 

I truly wish that good quality postnatal Pilates was available for every single woman who had ever had a baby because it makes such a huge difference to both physical and mental recovery.

When is it okay to start doing exercise again?

After having a baby, it is important to take time and let your body heal. The first 6 weeks should be about rest and nourishment. Good food makes all the difference and some body work like massage is fantastic ( Gentle restorative movement and breath work that connects you to your core can be done in these early days too. After 6 weeks you can start doing basic and gentle exercises if you had a straightforward vaginal delivery. If you had caesarean or any complications with the delivery it is a good idea to wait 8-12 weeks before joining a class.

Our Centred Fourth Trimester course gives lots of tips about what you can do to help with your recovery in these early days and includes some postnatal Pilates online too.

Taking time to do it for YOU

Being a new mum is very time consuming and leaves little time to think about yourself. It is so important to remember that your maternity leave is about YOUR recovery as well. It works so perfectly to have high quality classes so easily accessible!

If you would like to find out more about Centred Mums Pilates classes and online programmes please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.