The focus in hypnobirthing is on reducing fear and building confidence surrounding birth (for both you and your birth partner), alongside breathing, touch and visualization techniques will help you prepare for and manage your birth experience.

“I really appreciated your honesty about labour deviating from “the plan” – I feel more confident about layering the new hypnobirthing tools onto whatever happens.” Fay

What we offer

My hypnobirthing classes will provide you and your birth partner with tools to manage your labour. I want to help you to maximise your chances of having a calm, comfortable labour and birth and, by using hypnosis for pain relief, we hope to reduce any pain that may be created as your body responds to contractions. We don’t focus on whether your birth is physiological (we don’t say natural because all birth is natural!) but on trying to create a positive pregnancy and birth experience which will allow you both to feel in control of the twists and turns that both pregnancy and labour can bring. The education I can  provide will allow you to understand the physiology of birth and give you tools (through breathing, triggers and relaxation techniques) to manage any anxiety you may be feeling and to create a calm space to meet your baby.

More specifically, the course will help you understand…

  • the mind body connection, and how fear and tension can influence pain;
  • the physiology of birth and how our bodies are designed to do this! Understanding this process is a key factor in helping you build confidence in your body and reduce tension;
  • how your birth partner can help you to remain relaxed throughout your labour and birth;
  • the impact of touch, breathing and visualisation techniques. Practical relaxation exercises which you and your partner can practise at home;
  • how to negotiate the birth setting (whether in hospital or at home) and how to speak to birth professionals whilst remaining calm and relaxed.

Whether you’re hoping for a physiological, drug-free birth, whether you’d like tools to help you cope with the early stages of labour, before pain-relief medication becomes available, or if you want advice and practical exercises to help you stay calm during your caesarean birth, my modern, common sense approach will support you on your journey. Your birth experience matters and I want to give you as many tools as possible to give you confidence in your decisions.

I can provide private hypnobirthing sessions for you and your partner, a 2.5 hour group course to give you the tools to get started or you can also experience an introduction to hypnobirthing techniques in our Birth, Body & Beyond classes on a weekly basis as you prepare for your birth.



“The science behind hypnobirthing really helped me. I really appreciated your honesty about labour deviating from “the plan” – I feel more confident about layering the new hypnobirthing tools onto whatever happens.”



“It was really useful to learn that hynobirthing can still be used if the birth goes down an “unnatural” route. I am feeling relaxed now about the birth.”



“The most useful thing I learned was how to block out others while I am in labour. It was great to learn how to relax and now I feel like I can do it! I really enjoyed the course.”