Postnatal Recovery Massage

Designed to help realign and balance a new mother this nurturing massage is a wonderful act of self-care to set you up for a positive recovery.

What we offer

Inspired by a traditional Ecuadorian postnatal massage called closing the bones, the Postnatal Recovery Massage involves using a special shawl called a robozo to rock and bind the mother’s body, together with an extensive massage of the abdomen, hips, waist, ribs, chest, shoulders and arms with a special warming oil. It is designed to help realign and balance a new mother, as well as help her return to her centre, both physically and energetically. The fascial release that this type of massage will bring should be extremely beneficial to the healing of the tissues and the reconnecting to the abdominal muscles. In traditional cultures, massage is a vital part of postnatal recover that has been lost in our modern lifestyles. I believe this nurturing of the mother is crucial to her recovery and will have innumerable benefits in the long term. I will visit you in your home and talk through your needs. This will be a 60-90 minute visit. This unique technique was developed by doula and healer Sophie Messager (who has been offering and teaching closing the bones for over 5 years) together with Cambridge osteopath Teddy Brookes. I am extremely excited to be able to offer this invaluable and nurturing service to the mums of St Albans. This service included within Your Fourth Trimester Plan and can also be booked separately here. If you purchase this with the Centred Mums Postnatal Plan you get a 10% discount from both packages.


Where will the session take place? I will come to your home to allow you to relax fully without having to get yourself and the baby out of the house! Can my baby be there during the treatment? I would recommend that you find someone to come and help with the baby during your session. While I am very comfortable with babies and you may need to stop to feed etc, if a baby just needs to be held it is going to be difficult for you or I to facilitate that during the treatment. How soon can I have this treatment? As soon as you are ready! It is suitable from immediately after your birth for a vaginal delivery. For a caesarean birth I would recommend you wait 6 weeks to all the scar to heal (although I won’t be touching the scar directly) What do I need to wear? Old clothes (so we don’t get oil on them) and a wireless bra or sports bra.


Jo M

“The massage worked really well for me, my stomach feels softer to me, less of that rigid blocked feeling I’ve had. It was really relaxing and helped me let go of all the things I’m usually thinking about or running around doing and you released some of it.”


Rue D

“My abdomen hips and pelvis felt wonderful afterwards and I do think it has helped my stomach go a bit flatter.”


Katy Abrahams

“I feel that Grace genuinely has her clients’ interests at heart. She felt tension in my stomach muscles and has given me a postnatal massage which had definitely helped. If you are after a Pilates teacher who will treat you holistically, Grace is your lady. I very much recommend her.”