The Postnatal Plan

If you don’t want to commit to a weekly class, there is also an option to buy this online package to support your postnatal journey. The Postnatal Plan offers nutrition advice and recipe ideas alongside pre-recorded videos to practice the exercises that you learn in class at home too.

“You’ve done a brilliant job of providing a holistic and easily accessible care package for new mums. It has transformed how I feel about myself.” Jo M

What we offer

We have developed a new and exciting programme that combines our love of Pilates with sound nutrition advice and gives you a home  exercise programme to complete at your own pace.

The programme will include the following:

    • Deep screening process including 30 minute Zoom call one to one
    • 6 x 30 minute videos of exercises to do at home from gentle restorative movement in the early days to more functional work as you get stronger
    • 10 x 10 minute videos of exercises to do at home – for when you don’t have time for the whole session
    • Digital “goody bag” including both live and pre-recorded Zoom calls with pre and postnatal experts including a life coach, nutritionist, Women’s Health Osteopath, lactation consultant and Women’s Health Physio
    • Specialist education in pelvic floor and abdominal function
    • Nutrition and wellness PDF
    • Ongoing support through a closed Facebook group which also includes more videos for home exercise
    • Meditation download for relaxation
    • Priority booking for any other courses you are interested in attending
Your investment for all of this postnatal support plus lifetime access to the videos is just £98. You may also be interested in the online packages. Click here for more information.


Can anyone buy the Postnatal Plan? Yes but you will only be given access to the exercise programme when you have been fully screened and had your personalised Zoom consultation. Do I need any equipment? Yes you will need to purchase an overball, spiky massage ball, theraband and fascial release ball. You can source these yourselves or purchase an an add-on when you make your booking.


Jo M

“Thank you for all you have done to help me feel connected to myself again. This is the happiest post-pregnancy start I have ever had and that’s saying something after having the Twins! This has been such a positive experience for me compared to last time, I’m so grateful that you found space for me in your classes!”


Jane R

“I’ve really enjoyed the course. The videos are so useful for keeping up practice and ideas. I have really enjoyed your expertise at constructing tailored pilates exercises for individual postnatal recovery, especially recovering from a C-section.”


Jane R

“I’ve also really valued the holistic approach to wellbeing which the course has provided. Basically, I’ve loved it. I reckon the NHS should fund your course for all women postnatally, but especially those who’ve had a C-section.”