Restorative postnatal support is crucial after pregnancy, whether you’re a new mum in the fourth trimester or had your children years ago. We can tailor our support so it suits you, meaning you can enjoy a positive recovery however old your baby is!

Centred Postnatal Recovery
Centred Postnatal Recovery

Support yourself through the early days of motherhood with an online course filled with nutrition advice, restorative movement and breathing exercises for body and mind.

Mum & Baby
Pilates for New mums (Babies welcome)

Specialist online classes focusing on restorative Pilates-based movement to release tension and build strength in a way that’s gentle and safe.

Beyond Postnatal
Postnatal Plus

However long ago you became a mum, join us in person (in St Albans) or online for specialist classes that help you restore your connection to your pelvic floor, abdominals and the rest of your body.

Your Core Matters
Your Core Matters

An online package of exercise advice, nutrition and breathwork to help you understand and improve your core health.



Clare C

“Grace was incredibly supportive throughout my pre and postnatal period not only through the Pilates but with general well-being as well. I don’t think I would have felt like ‘normal’ me as quickly as I did without her classes.”


Melanie O’Hara

“Grace and her classes are amazing! After my second baby the gap between my stomach muscles were 5 fingers wide. With her help and her great classes, I managed to restore my core strength and closed the gap completely!”


Kathy Ede

“Grace has a wonderful manner and knows so much about how pregnancy affects our bodies. As well as targeting my core and helping my baby related back issues, her classes are fun and friendly.”


Katy Abrahams

“Grace is always correcting our technique (which makes me realise that I’ve been doing squats wrong for years) and is in tune with everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. I do feel stronger and I find her sessions really relaxing (and every Mum needs that hour of calm occasionally!).”


Alex Ball

“Grace has a wealth of postnatal knowledge. She’s very hands on in her classes – checking posture, correcting technique & making sure everyone is feeling the exercise in the right place!”


Bhavni Cook

“Having suffered with diastasis recti resulting in a bad back for nearly 10 years, working with her over just a few sessions has stopped my back aching and also a noticeably stronger pelvic floor.”