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The Benefits of Pilates in Pregnancy – A Birth Story

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Pregnancy is a transformative journey for any woman or birthing person, both physically and emotionally. It is a time of immense joy, anticipation, and preparation. As expectant parents, there is often a focus on the end goal of a physiological vaginal birth, but it’s essential to remember that all types of birth can be wonderful and empowering and I want to spread the word that pregnancy Pilates can be a huge part of that!

In my pregnancy Pilates classes, I offer lots of birth preparation tips that will help to create the balance that is ideal in the body for a straightforward vaginal birth but I always emphasise that creating balance in the pregnant body will be beneficial for everyone, whatever kind of birth they are planning. I encourage my clients who are planning vaginal births to question everything they are advised that could take them away from this journey, to use all of the physiological techniques they can to support their birth and to be informed and educated about all of their options but I also encourage my clients to be open minded about the fact that sometimes intervention is life saving and exactly what the birthing person and baby need.

In this blog post, I want to share with you one of my client’s recent birth stories and the benefits she found in incorporating pregnancy Pilates into her routine, how it benefited her during the birth and how she continues to feel positive and empowered despite the fact that things didn’t go to plan.

Gabby’s Birth Story

“Every birth journey is unique, and mine was no exception. From the initial signs of high blood pressure to the decision for a caesarean section, my experience taught me the importance of adaptability and trust in the process. In this birth story, I share my journey of induction, hypnobirthing techniques, and the role of Pilates in finding strength and resilience during the unpredictable twists and turns of childbirth.

Admission and Preparation:

After my midwife appointment last Wednesday, it became evident that my blood pressure was a cause for concern. On that Friday, I was admitted to the hospital for monitoring. The numbers on the blood pressure machine confirmed the urgency as it read 166/102. With admission came the realisation that induction was necessary. However, I entered this stage with a sense of calm and composure, thanks to the techniques learned in hypnobirthing and the support of my instructor.

Harnessing the Power of Hypnobirthing and Pilates:

Throughout the induction process, I relied on the power of hypnobirthing and Pilates to navigate the challenges that lay ahead. By practicing the stretches and positions taught to me, I found solace in the rhythm of my breath and the connection with my body. These techniques, coupled with the guidance of my instructor, allowed me to remain grounded and centred.

A Rollercoaster of Progress:

As the hours passed, my body responded positively to the induction methods. However, it was not without its hurdles. After a particularly challenging night, where my blood pressure remained a concern, a decision was made to break my waters. With medication managing my blood pressure, I embarked on the active labour phase.

For nearly ten hours, I drew upon my inner strength, relying solely on hypnobirthing techniques and adopting various Pilates positions to encourage my baby girl’s descent and dilation. Each surge brought me closer to meeting my little one. However, progress was not as swift as expected. At the next examination, I learned that I was only 4cm dilated, and my baby’s head remained high.

A Change of Plans:

In consultation with the midwives, my partner Jordan, my mother, and my intuition, a difficult decision was made. It was time to bring my baby girl into the world through a caesarean section. While it was not the path I initially envisioned, I found solace in knowing that we had done everything possible and that some things are meant to be the way they are. It was a reminder that the well-being of both my baby and me was the ultimate goal.

The Arrival of Our Precious Miracle:

As the operation commenced, a wave of emotions enveloped me. Joy, anticipation, and a tinge of apprehension filled the room. And then, in a moment that felt both timeless and fleeting, my baby girl was born. The sound of her first cry filled the air, signalling the beginning of a new chapter in our lives.

Embracing the Postpartum Journey:

In the days that followed, I experienced the joys and challenges of postpartum recovery. However, the lessons learned from Pilates and the support of my instructor continued to play a vital role in my healing process. Through gentle bed stretches and feet exercises, I embraced the importance of self-care and regained my strength day by day.

Looking Ahead:

I can’t wait to return to parent classes! The bond created through Pilates and the support of my instructor have become invaluable resources. I am proud to say that I have already resumed my recovery routine, doing the stretches recommended while cherishing the moments of bonding and rest with my little one.


My birth journey taught me that childbirth is a beautifully unpredictable experience. Through the power of hypnobirthing techniques and the support of Pilates, I discovered inner strength, adaptability, and acceptance. Despite the twists and turns, the arrival of my baby girl marked the beginning of an extraordinary adventure—one that I navigate with gratitude and a profound understanding that every birth story is unique and deserving of celebration.”

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