Postnatal Plus


Whether your child is eight months or 18 years old, if you haven’t found time to reconnect with your body since birth you’ll feel the benefit of these specialist Pilates classes, either face to face in St Albans, or online.

“Having suffered with diastasis recti for nearly 10 years, just a few sessions has stopped my back aching and also a noticeably stronger pelvic floor.” Bhavni Cook

There’s a saying within the world of postnatal fitness: “Once postnatal, always postnatal”. We’re firm believers in this!

We offer weekly specialist postnatal Pilates classes that allow a supportive, non-competitive environment for you to develop your practice. These classes will give you a deeper knowledge and understanding of Pilates, serving you well in everyday life.

These classes are a great foundation for any other exercise you may be building up to (or doing already), and we have plenty of experience of working with clients with diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic girdle pain, pelvic organ prolapse, sciatica and more.

Who it’s for

If your baby is under six months old, we’d recommend you take a look at our Pilates for New Mums classes (babies are welcome!). [Link]

Postnatal Plus is for women of all ages who’ve gone through pregnancy – even if your babies aren’t babies anymore! The classes are designed for mums of babies who are at least six months old, but there’s no upper limit, so join us as a follow-on from our Pilates for New Mums classes, or join us years later – it’s up to you.

Some of our most amazing results come from women whose kids are all grown up, so if you haven’t rehabilitated your body then these classes are for you no matter how long it’s been.

You don’t need any previous experience to join, but if you haven’t been to a Centred Mums class before, you’ll need to book in for a private session on Zoom before attending. At this private session, you’ll learn the basic breathing techniques and we’ll get to know you and understand your needs. We tailor each class to the people in it so it’s important we get to know you before you enter the group setting.

What the course covers

Postnatal Plus is available face to face in St Albans, or online. The content of the classes is similar for each, and if you sign up for face to face classes you’ll also get access to all the online extras. The Postnatal Plus online course package includes:

  • 7 x 60-minute online group Pilates sessions in person or through Zoom
  • Digital “goody bag” including Zoom calls with a life coach, nutritionist, women’s health osteopath and women’s health physio
  • Nutrition and wellness pack
  • Access to closed Facebook group including over 30 x 10-minute videos including the exercises we do in classes
  • Meditation track for relaxation

Combining myofascial release techniques and restorative movement with more traditional strengthening exercises and functional movement, we’ll support you in your journey to revitalising your body.

We’ll release tension while building strength and reconnecting with your pelvic floor, abdominals and coordination of movement. While we direct and correct, we’ll also give you space to experiment with what’s right for your body. This is all about your class experience, your confidence in your body and, above all, your enjoyment of movement.

If you’re looking for support to help you get back to high-impact exercise, take a look at our Centred Mums in Motion course.


The Postnatal Plus online class costs £15 per session (except for Grace’s Monday evening online class, which costs £10 per session, but is a larger group of up to 25 women).

If you’re new to the classes you may also need to buy our equipment bundle for £25 (if you don’t already own this equipment), including an overball, spiky massage ball, fascial release ball and theraband.

Postnatal Plus face to face classes in St Albans cost £16.50 per session (and you get access to all the online goodies, too).

Classes available

Monday 9.45 am with Grace – at St Paul’s Church, St Albans, AL1 4JP

Monday 8 pm with Joanna (online)

Monday 8.30 pm with Grace (online)

Wednesday 7.15 pm with Grace – at St Paul’s Church, St Albans, AL1 4JP

Wednesday 8.30 pm with Grace – at St Paul’s Church, St Albans, AL1 4JP


What should I wear? Anything that you feel comfortable in! As long as you can move easily it doesn’t matter what you are wearing. It’s worth wearing layers as you might warm up throughout the class!

How many people will be in the class? We book a maximum of ten mums onto our Postnatal Plus classes so you can get plenty of individual tuition. [you might want to amend this – I think you said your class is larger?]

Do I have to sign up to a block of classes? We believe block bookings are the best way to ensure you really see the benefit of the sessions, so we only book this way. We don’t take drop-ins because we want to screen you fully before you start so we can get to know your body and make sure that you get the most out of the classes. If you miss a class there may be a chance to make it up at another one of our classes within the same block – just let us know with at least a week’s notice and we’ll do our best to fit you into another class on the timetable.

What should I bring? An exercise mat and some water, as well as an overball, spiky massage ball, fascial release ball and theraband (you can buy these through us when you book if you don’t already own them).



Alex Ball

“Grace is always correcting our technique (which makes me realise that I’ve been doing squats wrong for years) and is in tune with everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. I do feel stronger and I find her sessions really relaxing (and every Mum needs that hour of calm occasionally!).”


Katy Abrahams

“I’ve been going to Grace’s classes for just 6 months having had 3 babies and I’m slowly regaining my core. Her classes are small, calm, tailored to the individuals in the room and the highlight of my week!”


Alex Ball

“Grace has a wealth of postnatal knowledge. She’s very hands on in her classes – checking posture, correcting technique & making sure everyone is feeling the exercise in the right place!”


Bhavni Cook

“Having suffered with diastasis recti resulting in a bad back for nearly 10 years, working with her over just a few sessions has stopped my back aching and also a noticeably stronger pelvic floor.”


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