Your Core Matters

Your Core Matters is an online course focusing on pelvic floor health. Our holistic approach to pelvic floor classes will deepen your understanding of the way your body functions, and empower you to look after your core, so it serves you well for the rest of your life.

“It has been incredibly helpful and made me focus on my physical health and well-being that doing generic classes at my gym never has. Being able to watch the exercise videos is so helpful – I really cannot thank you enough. You have given me the kick-start I needed.” Laryssa

This course is designed for:

Anyone with a pelvic floor! We have clients who are pregnant, clients with newborns and with clients who have children in their 30s. Whatever stage of motherhood you are at, if you have worries about your pelvic floor function or want to deepen your understanding of this intrinsic part of your body – this course is for you.

This course covers:

  • An initial deep screening process that will take place prior to any course modules being shared.
  • Specialist education in pelvic floor and abdominal function.
  • Guidance on exercises to improve posture, breathing and alignment.
  • 4 modules of videos, written content and recordings to teach you about breath, alignment and how you can improve your pelvic floor health.
  • 4 x live Zoom coaching calls.
  • Access to MemberVault – where you’ll find detailed exercise videos to help you consolidate your practice.
  • A bonus module including pre-recorded Zoom calls with pre and postnatal experts including a life coach, nutritionist, women’s health osteopath and women’s health physio.
  • Bonus Nutrition and Wellness PDF.
  • Ongoing support through a private Facebook group.
  • Meditation Download for relaxation.
  • Priority booking for any other Centred Mums courses you are interested in attending.

Price – £199

You don’t need any specialist equipment but, to get the most from the exercises, you may want to consider our £25 Equipment Bundle, which includes an overball, spiky massage ball, ‘magic’ fascial release ball and TheraBand, this can be added when booking.



Jess P

“The course is really helping me, it seems crazy now, that I was hacking away at exercises (when I managed to do them) without releasing my pelvic floor at all really & without understanding it.”


Jane R

“I’ve really enjoyed the course. The videos are so useful for keeping up practice and ideas. I have really enjoyed your expertise at constructing tailored pilates exercises for individual postnatal recovery, especially recovering from a C-section.”


Jane R

“I’ve also really valued the holistic approach to wellbeing which the course has provided. Basically, I’ve loved it. I reckon the NHS should fund your course for all women postnatally, but especially those who’ve had a C-section.”


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