Centred Postnatal Recovery

Our postnatal online classes are perfect for new mums. Those early days after having a baby are renowned for being hard work. As well as adjusting to the demands of feeding and caring for your baby, you’ll spend the first few months of motherhood healing from birth, both physically and emotionally.

We’re here to prepare you for that early postpartum phase, and to support you through it! Join our online course and we’ll nurture you through this period of change, guiding and sustaining you as you adjust to life as a new family. Sign up while you’re pregnant or within six months of giving birth

Who it’s for

The Centred Postnatal Recovery online course is great for you if:

  • you’re pregnant and wanting to be prepared!
  • you’ve had a baby in the last six months
  • you’d like nurturing support as you recover from pregnancy and birth, both physically and emotionally
  • you’re worried about abdominal separation or pelvic floor dysfunction
  • you have back pain, sciatica or carpal tunnel syndrome
  • you’re looking for practical, easy-to-follow advice about nutrition and self-care after having a baby

It’s easy to say, but we can’t emphasise enough how important it is to prioritise your own wellbeing as much as your baby’s at this time. Just as your newborn is adjusting to life outside the womb, you’re entering a new phase in your life. The way you look after yourself in this period will set you up for caring for yourself and your family for the rest of your life.

What the course covers

This course is hosted in Membervault, an exclusive online members’ space which you’ll be given access to once you sign up. It includes:

  • Videos of Pilates-based movement for release and strengthening, suitable for you to start as soon as you feel ready after giving birth
  • Six modules of incredible knowledge covering nutrition, rest, breathing and mindfulness, body work, posture and movement patterns, social support and mental wellbeing – and more! Learning is broken down into bitesize chunks so you can fit it in as it suits you
  • Video tutorials and information about pelvic floor health
  • Nutrition advice from Grace Lillywhite, videos from Nutritional Therapist Michele Kingston PLUS easy-to-follow recipes
  • Videos about mental wellbeing from counsellor and psychotherapist Amy Engleman
  • Mindfulness download for new mums
  • Information on newborn sleep from sleep consultant Kate Cohen
  • Bonus videos from expert women’s health physio, women’s health osteopath and health visitor


This online course costs just £79 (we should probably charge more, but we want as many new mums as possible to have this information on postnatal recovery at their fingertips!).



Jenny Austin

“Grace has really helped me to understand the fundamentals of re-building my core strength properly and at the right pace, all within a really friendly, supportive environment.”


Eleanor Corey

“I’ve been going to Grace’s classes for just 6 months having had 3 babies and I’m slowly regaining my core. Her classes are small, calm, tailored to the individuals in the room and the highlight of my week!”


Vicki Cocker

“Grace helped me to restrengthen my core and close my DR. My lower back pain has completely gone. Grace has a lovely, calm way which adds to the feeling of self-nurture during her classes. Definitely recommend!”


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FREE pelvic floor health download

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