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The fourth trimester is considered to be the first three months of motherhood. In the same way as your newborn baby is adjusting to a new life outside the womb, after your birth you will enter entirely new territory. Particularly if this is your first baby, you are starting a new phase in your life and this requires support and nurturing of you and not just your baby. Alongside the demands of feeding and caring for your baby, you will spend the first few months of motherhood healing from birth, both physically and emotionally.

This package is suitable for you if you:
  • are pregnant or have had a baby in the last 12 weeks
  • would like nurturing support in your physical and emotional recovery from pregnancy and birth
  • have concerns about abdominal separation or pelvic floor dysfunction
  • have back pain, sciatica or carpal tunnel syndrome
  • would like access to practical, easy to apply advice about nutrition and self care

It is advice that is very hard to heed but I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to prioritise your own well-being just as much as your baby’s so she you be as enduring and confident as possible to nurture your little one.  The way you look after yourself in this period will set you up for the rest of your life.

Centred Fourth Trimester online course includes:
  • 6 modules of incredible knowledge in an exclusive members area
  • Modules include: Nutrition; Rest, Breathing & Mindfulness, Body work, Posture & Movement patterns, Social Support & Mental Wellbeing, Bonus module
  • all broken down into bitesize chunks so it is easily accessible
  • information about your pelvic floor health including video tutorials
  • videos of suitable release & strengthening exercises for the first 12 weeks after birth
  • nutrition advice from Grace Lillywhite & 4 videos from Nutritional Therapist Michele Kingston https://tnmclinic.com/
  • easy to make recipes for new mums
  • mindfulness download for new mums
  • 3 videos about mental wellbeing from counsellor & psychotherapist Amy Engleman https://www.amyengleman.com/
  • information on newborn sleep from Sleep Consultant Kate Cohen https://sleeptimebaby.co.uk/
  • Bonus videos from Women’s Health Physio, Women’s Health Osteopath & Health visitor

I would love to help support you during your fourth trimester by giving you access to these amazing services. You should not be exercising until after you have been cleared by the GP but even in the early days, there are gentle ways to mobilise and support your recovery that I can advise you on. You will be given a ‘no pressure’ daily movement and breathing (not exercise!) plan that you can do when you have the energy/inclination and skip when you don’t!

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